We are a network of parents and carers of children with additional needs who are dedicated to playing an active part in the planning and delivery of services for our children.
The Government have said they want parents and carers to have a say in services provided for our children.

We have come together to form an organisation of parent carer representatives to inform management and policy boards about what our children need and to question them when their decisions do not match those needs.

Have your voice listened to and acted on by those that make decisions about our families.

A management committee oversees the network and co-ordinates its involvement in a number of different decision making bodies such as:

  • Respite
  • Transition
  • Early Years
  • Health and Social Care

We are Parent carers helping other parent carers to get management and policy boards to listen to our needs.

As a member you will have the opportunity to have your voice heard on the issues that matter the most to you and your family.
You could receive invitations to local forums, family fun days and consultation events. All members will receive regular mailings and publications and may be canvassed when we are asked our opinion.

Who can be a member?
Anyone who is or has been a parent, grandparent, foster parent or guardian that cares for a child or children with additional needs.

What is a child with additional needs?
Unlike parent support groups we do not limit our members to children with a particular need, your child could have any number of issues from Autism to Downs Syndrome; the list is endless and you do not have to have any kind of diagnosis to get involved. So if your child has extra support in school or needs home tutoring, special school or extra help at home then your child has additional needs and we are here for you.

But what do you do?
We run drop-ins, an online forum and a newsletter for parents to keep you informed and to discuss any problems you have run into with Health services, Education, Social Care and even the voluntary sector.

But we don’t just listen!

We will look into those issues and feedback to you the answers we find. Other parents may have stories which could lead to solutions for you.
The website and online forum can also help you find those answers.