SPCN Closure over the Christmas break

All our families have found this year particularly challenging, as we know from all of the conversations and interactions we have had with you.

The SPCN have dedicated their time to supporting families and we now need some time ourselves to prioritise our own families and to be able to recharge our batteries. As such, we have decided to shut our virtual doors on Friday 18th December at 5pm and reopen them on Monday 4th January at 9am.

During this time we will not be responding to emails of social media private messages. It will be possible to leave phone messages and send emails, however, these will not be responded to until after 4th January.

We will not be posting on social media, (beyond any posts that have already been set up to run during this period), and we will be switching our Facebook groups to members requiring approval to post and a member of the team will check these once a day.

As a team we have never closed our virtual doors before, however it has become necessary for the team to be able to step back from SPCN for a couple of weeks and have a complete break.

This will enable us to come back in January ready to be able to support families for another year and to continue to make sure your voices are heard and, hopefully, make changes to the live experience of children, young people and families across Suffolk.

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